REAL TALK 101: Your wedding photos are about SO much more than a pretty picture. In today’s world of technology and cellphones with wild portrait capabilities, let’s all face it: now everyone is a photographer. Your day is different though. These photos aren’t cookie cutter, one size fits all, and neither are you. Your wedding and those photos are the culmination of every high and low you’ve endured in your relationship leading up to this very day. They are the testimony of a love that won. Taking on the title of ‘wedding photographer’ is big deal. When I started this journey that spiraled into my career, I had an idea of what it entailed: the ultimate celebration of love and emotion. Now, after years of experience, I know there is a whole lot more to being a wedding photographer than that generality. This isn’t just creation through the click of a button and I’m not there to be a fly on the wall. Actually, I will be by your side more than anyone else at your wedding (even the one you’re about to marry). I’ll be there for the laughs among friends and tears behind closed doors that no one else will see. I’ll be there when those tears have dried up and drinks are poured as music blasts throughout the air. If you’re seeking comfort, a hug (or really just need someone to pour you a shot), I’m right there. There will be big moments & quieter ones that sneak right by you; that’s what I’m there to see and to showcase; at any time of day, any place in the world, doing whatever it takes, because that’s what you deserve. A photographer that truly cares about the shit that matters to you and that’s what I will be.

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