Wedding Photographers, Best Friends, Soul Mates who met each other in the most millennial fashion — No, it wasn’t Tinder, it was Facebook. A couple years of ‘Ayo Technology’ friendship eventually melted into the greatest love we’ve ever known and now we are dedicated to capturing the moments of the greatest love you know; your own.


What we mean by that is this: It’s all about you, boo. It’s okay to be yourself when you meet/talk to us. You don’t need to have the loudest love, the coolest ‘how they asked’ story, or exotic plans for the most epic wedding of all time. If you do, we’re all ears for that too, but we equally understand that everyone is different and after all, this is about the most personal parts of yourself, and the love above all else. Life is complicated enough without all sharing the same masks. Keep it true to you, and we will be too!

Our main goal is this: When you see a photo, we want you to remember how you felt, laughing with your siblings about some inside joke no else understands, we want you to feel that gentle hug from your grandmother all over again. Plus, you’d be amazed to see the smile on her face on the other side of that hug. We want you to feel that first trembling kiss every time you see your wedding photos, we want you to remember that stumbled walk and quickened heartbeat as you walked down the aisle. We want you to remember these moments because these are the moments that make life something bigger than waking up, going to work, paying bills, and pressing repeat. We want you to not only have the best damn day ever, but we want you to relive that day forever. When the memories fade, when those you love are no longer able to give you that same embrace, what you’ll have are memories, and these photos ensure that your memories remain the same. In the meantime, we’ll show up on wedding day, stoked to be there celebrating with you and later deliver you a collection of images that make up your very own badass day.


The OG wedding gal here! When you send an email to us, I’m the one replying (with exclamation points, emojis and possible memes — advanced warning). Your initial email is my favorite; I might as well grab a snack and get to reading because it’s the time I really allow myself to connect + start the ‘lets get real comfortable together’ phase right from the start. In addition to being the lead photog, I’m also the photo editor, Instagram story talker (aka talking to myself in front of people – real weirdo award), bae to Joshua, and cat-mama to Broketail. While I’m not capturing sweet moments of babes in love (like you!) I’m out living a life full of purpose, fueled by seeing new places in all corners of the world, meeting fresh faces, listening to good music, being outdoors, and continuing a search that I hope never ends: finding the best pizza/tacos in the world. To keep it real, if you throw strong drinks, trash tv, and anything cheese related in the mix, that’s just me living my best life.


OG Cat-dad to Broketail here, who has to be honest: I wouldn’t have thought about working in the wedding industry until Chelsea came along. I’ve always been a creative at heart, but as a marketer + content creator, my mind didn’t occasionally slip to awe over wedding magazines and bridal gowns; it’s always been more like: old school adventure vehicles and motocross. The future would lead me a different way, however. Eventually I started going to engagement sessions with Chels to spend more time with her (wedding life and office life have majorly opposing schedules, so her work nights also turned into our date nights.) Being there and seeing not only the fun she would have working, but witnessing the joy of how her work affected others made me dust off my own camera, and get to work. So now, I’m your behind the scenes guy, grabbing photos of those in between moments, making sure the day runs smoothly, all of our gear is charged, your memories are backed up, and ensuring you and your guests remember to laugh throughout the day. My cool, collected demeanor can be contributed to an extensive pizza intake, required beach/mountain visits, and… occasional (if occasional means always) booze smuggled movie nights.