Fresh out of (what was once the small town of) Lakeland, FL I’m living my life in sunshine and #relationshipgoals with my best friend/bae, Joshua. Chances are, if you’re around me, you’ll hear me talk about his coolness, his adventurous spirit, and guaranteed I will blush if you mention his dreamy eyes that are sure to make daily appearances on my Insta-story. The strange fact that he also thinks I’m the coolest chick ever, the peanut butter to his waffle, and his counterpart on this Earth makes life totally worth every curve ball I’ve been thrown. Although I haven’t convinced him that he should be holding a camera alongside me (yet), he does pursue his own passions in the world of exploring and overlanding. If you’re into old school Land Rover’s and other adventure mobiles, he’s the man. Together, we have this cute house near the creek and our fuzzy ol’ cat — her name is Broke-Tail, you can call her ‘B’ (she also makes Insta appearances, although she hates the camera). While I’m not capturing the moments of people in love (like you!) I’m out creating my own adventure; living an awesome life full of purpose, fueled by seeing new places in all corners of the world, meeting fresh faces, listening to good music, being outdoors, and continuing a search that I hope never ends: finding the best pizza/tacos in the world.

I wish I could pinpoint my favorite part about weddings. Why I love what I do. Why this sh*t means so much to me. There isn’t a way to convey the way being a wedding photographer makes me feel (although over a stiff drink and conversation with the arise of this very question–I  will get giddy and spiel on and on about just how awesome this job really is). I think that’s what’s so right about where I am though; how I know this IS my ‘calling’. I just absolutely love every aspect. I live for weddings and love them as much as I love this life. Photography is what I’ve dedicated myself to — which means you have my full dedication too.

Your wedding day is basically the ‘love story’ you’ve dreamt of growing up. Most of us have spent time watching chick flicks, looking through magazines at these amazing dresses and mind blowing locations, and eventually seeing people we know know fall in love and get married. Each story, whether a blockbuster chick flick…or your best friends’ wedding (see what I did there?) is unique. Now it’s your turn; you get to live out that dream. That’s exactly what I want to convey. Not the cookie cutter stuff; I want to bring your real moments to life. What does this mean? For starters, I’m not going to pose you and have you stand awkwardly while you wait for me to get an image. I want to guide you, and direct you in a way that is fun, but also creates a real, natural connection for you.

When you see a photo, I want you to remember how you felt,  laughing with your siblings about some inside joke no else understands, or hugging your grandmother -you’d be amazed to see the smile on her face on the other side of that hug. I want you to feel that kiss every time you see your wedding photos. I want you to remember these moments because these are the moments that make life something bigger than waking up, going to work, paying bills, and pressing repeat. I want you to feel this way, and I want to make sure that I MAKE IT HAPPEN! I’ll be the friend that shows up happy to be there and deliver you a collection of images that make up your very own badass day.

In any case, please know that I will be completely genuine with you. After all, I’ll always be a small town girl who decided taking pictures of people in love was the coolest job in the world. If you’re on the fence for any reason, you should know that I’ll also always be the girl who works her ass off to provide the best experience for her clients. So, let’s chat. We can hang out, grab some coffee/drinks, explore some of the good outdoors, or you can help me on my epic search for the #1 pizza/tacos ever. You down? HOLLA.